Grow Your Business & Earn the Trust of Your Customers by Becoming a CheckMyBadge Company

According to independent research conducted by MindSpot Research, 8 out of 10 consumers specifically selected servicing companies who advertised "Safe Hiring and Contracting Practices" on their website over other competitor servicing companies.

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Ensure that your customers know their safety is your #1 priority by joining the CheckMyBadge Safe Contracting Participant Program. As a CheckMyBadge company you will receive the official Safe Contracting Participant seal that can be displayed on your website and marketing materials. In addition, your technicians will receive a CheckMyBadge ID with a unique ID number that your customers can easily verify through their smart phone, tablet or PC.

When consumers see the certified CheckMyBadge seal on your website and marketing materials, it's been proven that most will automatically perceive your company as:

  • being more skilled,
  • having greater experience and
  • following higher ethical business practices as compared to your competitors.

    The CheckMyBadge Seal will certify that your techs have been screened in the following areas:

  • Criminal Background Screens
  • Driving Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Insurance
  • Licenses

CheckMyBadge Safe Contracting Participant Seal

In addition, when visitors click on the Safe Contracting Participant seal on your website, your company ID will be automatically entered into the "Check A Badge" ID box on the CheckMyBadge website, allowing your customers to quickly and easily verify that your company has a Safe Contracting Program.

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This gives your customers peace of mind knowing that you:

  • truely care about their safety,
  • that you are a company they can trust,
  • and that you know who you are sending out to represent your business in their home.

When customers know your company has a Safe Contracting Program in place, demonstrating your commitment to their Safety and Security, then you can unlock the true value of your Safe Contracting Program as the word about your business spreads.

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