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Did you know that less than 10% of all service companies care enough about your safety and security to put a real Safe Contracting Program in place that you can verify?

CheckMyBadge℠ companies are part of an elite group that require their employees to go through a rigorous screening program including criminal record searches, drug tests and confirmation of driver’s licenses. helps you feel confident about the company and service providers you hire by:

  • Verifying that the individual at your doorstep is an authorized employee of the company you hired
  • Confirming that they have been through a rigorous Employer Screening Program including criminal records and driver screenings, and/or drug tests
  • Validating through independent reviews the company maintains active insurance and licenses for their service work

Simply enter the official CheckMyBadge℠ ID of the employee or company into the verification box above to verify that the company and employee have met the requirements of a Safe Contracting Program.

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